The Covers EP - Naomi Hates Humans/Tim Holehouse

Image of The Covers EP - Naomi Hates Humans/Tim Holehouse


Naomi Hates Humans is an antifolk singer songwriter from London. Tim Holehouse is a folk/americana singer songwriter also from London. They have played a fair few gigs together and have both been known to drop the odd cover in to their sets. Sometimes a VERY odd cover. For Better Weird Than Dead's debut release these two have recorded five covers each in a battle to the death, or something. They have each recorded a Pop Song, a Johnny Cash song, a song which inspired them, an old favourite and a song written by each other. Who wins? You decide. NOTE: It's not really a fight silly. This release is limited to 200 copies. And is ace. There are now only a few copies left of this so get one while you can.


1. Don't Let Go (En Vogue) - Naomi Hates Humans
2. Sunday Morning Coming Down (Johnny Cash) - Naomi Hates Humans
3. Free Money (Patti Smith) - Naomi Hates Humans
4. Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) - Naomi Hates Humans
5. Country Song (Tim Holehouse) - Naomi Hates Humans
6. Crazy (Gnarls Barkley) - Tim Holehouse
7. Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash) - Tim Holehouse
8. Gigalo Aunt (Syd Barrett) - Tim Holehouse
9. Kennedy (Wedding Present) - Tim Holehouse
10. Pipe Dreams And Lullabies (Naomi Hates Humans) - Tim Holehouse